6 Things To Keep In Mind.

Grocery Store Construction Advice: 6 Things To Remember

When undertaking a grocery construction project, there a few things experienced general contractors will be mindful of. Parking, shopping carts, your frozen food section, infrastructure, and shopper experience are key factors that many less knowledgeable contractors may overlook.

grocery store construction

1.) Parking

Although parking matters with most retail construction projects, grocery store parking is a premium. Since most of your shoppers will likely stock up on food for the week, they will most likely drive to your store.

That’s why proper parking lot planning is key.

grocery store construction shopping cart

2.) Shopping Carts

This is probably one of the most overlooked areas in the grocery store construction process, but it’s a big deal to your customer!

Because the majority of your customers will be using a shopping cart, strategically planning shopping cart placement is key. Ensuring that your grocery store has adequate cart storage and proper cart placement is essential.

Grocery Store Construction frozen food section

3.) Frozen Food Section

Since your frozen food equipment is so large, it is wise to install this section of your grocery store immediately. That way it is not taking up valuable working space.

grocery store construction HVAC

4.) Infastructure

If you are transforming a standard retail location into a grocery store, you’ll need a powerful HVAC system to properly operate your grocery freezer section.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to start from scratch.

An experienced grocery store contractor will partner with you to strategically rebrand and repurpose your existing space.

grocery store construction shopping experience

5.) Shopping Experience

In addition to stocking up on food and household supplies, today’s shoppers desire an enjoyable experience too.

Specialty stores are masters at creating a memorable experience with the inclusion of cafes, sushi, and wine bars, and gourmet samples.

Utilize an experienced grocery construction specialist to ensure your layout is optimized to wow your shoppers.

grocery construction timeline

6.) Timeline

One of the most frustrating things that can happen during a grocery store build is trying to work around materials and equipment that arrive at the wrong time.

Save yourself this headache and work with a grocery construction partner who plans your project’s timeline correctly.

As with all construction projects, there are many unknowns and multiple variables. The building or renovating of your grocery store is no different. If you have an upcoming project, we’d love to assist you. We are grocery store construction specialists!

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