BSM Construction celebrates our long-standing commitment to the growth and

development of our diverse group of employees.

Our Committment

BSM Construction and its family of companies are proud to formalize its long-standing commitment to developing its employees and growing a diverse supplier base by including trade contractors, suppliers, and professional services firms from various backgrounds.

Taking proactive steps to build inclusion in our employment and procurement process provides everyone the most opportunity to participate.

Our Values

BSM Construction’s inclusion & diversity initiative is central to our core values. It is in our DNA and is who we are. Caring about people’s well-being is critical to our company’s culture and safety. Therefore, supporting diversity and inclusion is crucial.

We will work hard to ensure that our employees, trade partners, and suppliers represent our diverse clients and communities.

People who identify with being in a minority group bring diverse knowledge and experiences that can provide enormous value when supported by people who care.

All BSM Employees Are:

  • Treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Given equal access to opportunities and resources.
  • Welcomed and valued.
  • Appreciated for their unique contributions.
  • Able to contribute to BSM’s success.

    Opportunities With A Construction Leader

    As a construction industry leader,  BSM Construction is committed to a diverse and inclusive culture that fully embraces and spotlights diversity within its organization by providing leadership development and career advancement opportunities to all individuals who work for our company.


    of BSM Construction Inc. employees are minorities.

    Our Culture

    People of diverse backgrounds, opinions, perspectives, experiences, and ideas bring creativity and vitality that maximizes employee engagement at all levels of the Company. Fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all is essential to achieving our mission and better positioning our employees.