Completed Projects

Disabled Access - ADA

Multiple Organics District Warehouse

Project: AT&T Yard
Type: Industrial Center
Location: Oakland, CA
Desc: ADA Compliance, full lot paving and striping for equipment, vehicles and operations field yard.


Project: Corral Hollow 
Type:  Disabled Access- ADA
Location: Tracy, CA
Desc: Modify slopes/access

Bernal Center – Pleasanton

Project: Bernal Center 
Type: Disabled Access- ADA
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Desc: Installed a new elongated curb ramp complete with baserock, rebar, dowels, truncated domes, and asphalt overlay to achieve ADA compliance. 

Park N Shop – Concord

Project: Park N Shop
Type: Disabled Access- ADA
Location: Concord, CA
Desc: Removed (2) non compliant ramps and installed (2) new ramps complete with baserock, rebar, dowels, truncated domes and brick paver R&R. 

Lakewood Center – Windsor

Project: Lakewood Center 
Type: Disabled Access- ADA
Location: Windsor, CA
Desc: Removed landscaping, made grade, installed baserock, rebar, and truncated domes to create an ADA complete walkway and ramp.